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This website is for showcasing the writings of Edward Durand, to present them to publishers, agents and others who might be able to help bring them to the world.  The pages of this site contain excerpts from his main book projects.  Edward Durand is a writer of non-fiction, poetry, stories and articles.  He is inspired by the ways in which nature can fire his imagination and often conveys this by putting pen to paper. He has spent decades studying the wisdom traditions so his writings are infused with that wisdom. Edward has had articles and poems published in various publications and websites. He is currently writing a book of Life Hacks entitled Life Hacks: Tips of Practical Wisdom to Improve your Life

     Edward has had poems published in various journals such as Enheduanna, books such as Dreams and Divinities,  fanzines such as Muse and Chimera and websites such as poemhunter. His poem 'The Palaces of Nature' won third prize in the Voicesnet poetry competition. He has also shared his poetry on radio (Dublin City FM), in youtube videos and in various events such as the Glastonbury Fringe Festival. He has organised poetry walks in the woods called Poetree Walks.

     Edward’s poetry is mystical and philosophical, inspired by a connection with nature, swimming the deep sagely ocean of bardic vision. His poems are journeys of transformation into the heart of nature and spirit, inspired by profound glimpses of higher truths. Edward's poems are often deep, mystical journeys into the heart of nature, but often also have an otherworldly quality to them. He takes inspiration from the natural world as shown by the poems having a feeling and understanding of a deep connection with nature. The poems in this volume span twenty years of creative expression and give a glimpse into a more profound understanding of the universe. The moving power of the words helps to bring the heart to a deeper understanding of the meanings contained within. This shows us a glimpse of our true nature and can help to bring about a mystical experience.

     Edward is the author of Tree Poghams: Poems inspired by the Wisdom of the Ancient Ogham Tree Alphabet (which is based on the wisdom of the trees of the ancient Celtic tree calendar) and Deep in the Heart of Nature. He is an Irish writer currently based in Wales. Edward has qualifications in Philosophy, English, Herbalism and Parapsychology which are reflected in his writing.

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Life Hacks: Tips of Practical Wisdom to enhance your life

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