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 By Edward Durand

Chapter 1 – The lonely dragon 

 Once upon a time there was a young dragon called Alcione. Alcione lived in a cave in the mountains with his mother and father. His parents told him to stay away from humans or the dragon slayer might kill him, but he longed to soar high over the trees and cliffs.

One day Alcione was out flying with his parents admiring the splashing stream and the rustling trees. They swooped and dived in play above the enchanted forest. Alcione loved being out of his cave but was not allowed out by himself. 

     They came to a river where they came to land to drink from the cool blue water. Just as his parents were landing an arrow shot out of the trees right into his father’s side. The mighty dragon let out a roar as he crashed to the ground. Two men appeared from the trees, one was a wizard who shouted: “get the young one, he might be the dragon in the prophecy!”

The other man shot another arrow into Alcione’s mother just as she shot a giant flame out of her mouth, which burnt the man to a cinder. The wizard fled.

“Take this and go!” cried his mother, removing a strangely shaped crystal from under her scales with her mouth and placing it safely in Alcione’s feathers. Then there was silence. A light mist left the bodies of his parents and floated up to heaven. Alcione took off towards the mountain where he lived with a tear in his eye and emptiness in his heart.

     Alcione now had to be a grown up dragon and look after himself but he didn’t feel ready. He was hungry but he didn’t want to kill any animals for food so he ate an apple from a tree. When he reached the cave it seemed so empty without his parents. He didn’t know any more dragons who hadn’t fled the land or been killed by the slayer. Alcione slept huddled in a corner, alone for the first time.

When the little dragon awoke he went out to search for food. When he had been flying for some time he was lost but he didn’t care, life seemed meaningless to him now. He came to the edge of the forest where he could see human children playing. He hid behind the trees watching them run about with glee, they seemed so happy and beautiful that he longed to join them. He left his hiding place and approached the children, but when they saw him they ran away screaming. Alcione was sad that he couldn’t play with the human children; he wanted to be as they were. He didn’t know why the children were afraid of him, he was only a child himself and he wouldn’t harm them.

     Alcione flew to the lake where he looked at his reflection as his mother had showed him once before. He saw in the reflection a young dragon, not as beautiful as a human child, but he didn’t seem frightening to himself. Alcione heard a noise behind him and turned around to see what it was. He was shocked to see a man standing there watching him.

“Peace” said the man, which made the little dragon not be afraid.

“Are you the dragon slayer?” asked Alcione, “and how can you speak the language of the dragons?”

“My name’s Ginzberg, I’m a wizard”, said the man,

“And I’m not speaking the language of the dragons but the ancient language of the sages. I did not know dragons spoke this language, maybe the ancient legends are true that all beings once lived in harmony”. Alcione was amazed to find a human who could speak his language.

“Why are the human children frightened of me?” asked Alcione. Ginzberg thought for a second then said: “because they have been brought up to believe that dragons are vicious creatures that eat children. Dragons used to be respected as sacred magical creatures, but now people fear them, maybe people can respect them again. Are your parents nearby?” he added cautiously.

“My parents are dead”, replied Alcione, “and I am all alone”. The wizard thought for a second then said: “maybe we can help each other. Friends?”

“Friends” replied the young dragon with relief.

Extract from Huggy the Snot Monster

Deep in the heart of the wild wild wood

Lived a being that nobody understood

He was covered in food from his head to his feet

So no-one could see he was actually sweet

He had long green strings hanging from his nose

But he had no hanky with which to blow

He spoke in words that not many knew

Like oozles of yumberries on the owbush

He loved adventures with his friend the slug

But above all he just wanted a hug

Nobody wanted to cuddle his grime

For fear they would get covered in slime.

So he meandered around given no love

Even though he was gentle as a dove.

Every time he met someone he loved

He would always hold out his arms and say 'Hug'

They would make their excuses and quickly depart

Like 'Oh I have left a pot on the hearth'.

One day Huggy set off on a quest

To find yummy berries that are the best

Berries that grow on a nice kind bush

One that does not make you say 'Ouch!'

He said 'come on feet' and off he strode

In hopes of finding a lovely load