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My poetry books 'Deep in the Heart of Nature' and 'Tree Poghams: Poems inspired by the Wisdom of the Ancient Ogham Tree Alphabet' are both published through Lulu and are available here:


Excerpt from

'Tree Poghams

Poems inspired by the Wisdom 

of the Ancient Ogham Tree Alphabet'

copyright Edward Durand 2012

ISBN: 978-1-291-21212-9

Written by Edward Durand

Front cover graphic design by Carl Braithwaite

All other images are public domain

This book is dedicated to the trees that inspired this collection of poems; the trees that give us fresh air, beauty, shelter, fuel, food and medicine.

About the Author:

Edward Durand comes from a lineage of authors who write on subject matters concerning the historical, mythological and mystical, dating back to the 1800s. From an early age Edward was inspired by the wealth and depths of the ways in which nature could fire his imagination and would often convey this by putting pen to paper. In his teens and early twenties he read books on philosophy and mysticism. He attained a degree in Philosophy at the University of Ulster. After university he also studied Herbalism and Parapsychology. This influenced his relationship with nature and he was driven to quest for more knowledge, seeking the wisdom of the natural kingdom and by following a Druidic and Bardic path, he was able to touch the imbas, the spirits of the land of Ireland from which he has received much of his inspiration. Edward has presented his work on radio and in publications. More recently his poetry has been featured in the collaborative work of the artist Liba Waring Stambollion. Edward has and continues to lead workshops, retreats and Bardic poetry walks in the woods around Ireland. He believes that the path of man and nature is one, and assists others to find this unity for themselves.

By Anara Ashwood


Ogham is the ancient alphabet of the Druids. Each letter is a tree and each tree contains much lore and wisdom, mythology, magic and medicine. I put that tree lore into rhyme and rhythm just as the ancient Druids preserved their knowledge such as laws orally by putting them into rhyme and rhythm in the form of poetry so that they could be memorised. The ancient bards found deep wisdom in nature and communicated it in magical poems. This book keeps that lore alive with poetry that works on the deepest levels, delving into the magic, medicine and inspiration of our standing still friends. This book can also be used for divination, either in the traditional method with sticks carved with the ogham symbols, picking one or casting them with a question in mind and reading the poem as the answer to the question, or just by opening the book at random. The trees were revered by the Druids as conscious beings that had the knowledge, materials and cures they needed. Each tree has a unique energy which can bring particular blessings.

The Ogham tree alphabet

Birch - Beith - B 

Rowan - Luis - L 

Ash - Nion - N 

Alder - Fearn - F 

Willow - Saille - S 

Hawthorn - hUath - H 

Oak - Duir - D 

Holly - Tinne - T 

Hazel - Coll - C 

Apple - Quert - Q 

Vine - Muin - M 

Ivy - Gort - G 

Broom - nGetal - NG 

Blackthorn - Straif - St 

Elder - Ruis - R 

Pine - Ailm - A 

Gorse - Onn - O 

Heather - Ur - U 

Aspen - Eadha - E

Yew - Idho - I 

Ogham Tree Calendar
  • Beth (Birch) December 24 to January 20
  • Luis (Rowan) January 21 to February 17
  • Nion (Ash) February 18 to March 17
  • Fearn (Alder) March 18 to April 14
  • Saille (Willow) April 15 to May 12
  • Uath (Hawthorn) May 13 to June 9
  • Duir (Oak) June 10 to July 7
  • Tinne (Holly) July 8 to August 4
  • Coll (Hazel) August 5 to September 1
  • Muin (Vine) September 2 to September 29
  • Gort (Ivy) September 30 to October 27
  • Ngetal (Reed) October 28 to November 24
  • Ruis (Elder) November 25 to December 22

Hazel - Coll 

Hazel the tree of knowledge and truth

Dropped nine kernels of wisdom into Fionn’s tooth

Through the salmon of knowledge the Druid caught

Fionn’s finger he tasted ‘cos the fish was hot

And so the spirit of wisdom flowed in

Powers of magic and poetry right into Finn

Seership, knowledge and healing too

And they can flow right into you

If you see a hazel of wisdom fallen

From his branches, you may feel like stallin’

In the healing shade of the teaching tree

And try to crack the mystery

‘Till you see he gave you a hazel wand

Or a divining fork in front of your hand

Inspiring your creativity

Some words might come of poetry

And your mind will open to the higher truths

And dissolve illusion right down to your roots

And then your bardic skills will flower

Creative teaching wisdom power

If a leaf alights on you

You could put it in your brew

It can help coughs and circulation

Or a talisman for health and protection

Excerpt from

'Deep in the Heart of Nature

The Poetry of Edward Durand'

Edward has had poems published in various journals such as Enheduanna, books such as Dreams and Divinities, fanzines such as Muse and Chimera and websites such as poemhunter. His poem 'The Palaces of Nature' won third prize in the Voicesnet poetry competition. He has also shared his poetry on radio (Dublin City FM), in youtube videos and in various events such as the Glastonbury Fringe Festival. He has organised poetry walks in the woods called Poetree Walks.

Edward’s poetry is mystical and philosophical, inspired by a connection with nature, swimming the deep sagely ocean of bardic vision. His poems are journeys of transformation into the heart of nature and spirit, inspired by glimpses of higher truths. Edward takes inspiration from the natural world as shown by the poems having a feeling and understanding of a deep connection with nature. The poems in this volume span over twenty years of creative expression and give a glimpse into a more profound understanding of the universe. The moving power of the words helps to bring the heart to a deeper understanding of the meanings contained within. This shows us a glimpse of our true nature and can help to bring about a mystical experience.

Edward is the author of Tree Poghams: Poems inspired by the Wisdom of the Ancient Ogham Tree Alphabet published by Lulu, which is based on the wisdom of the trees of the ancient Celtic tree calendar. He is an Irish writer currently based in Wales. Edward has qualifications in Philosophy, English, Herbalism and Parapsychology which are reflected in his poems.


4 Into the Arms of the Goddess

5 In the Garden of the Universe

6 Beyond the Face of the Mind

8 The Beauty of Nature

9 Home to the Hearth of the God Within

10 Ride the Universe

11 The Amethyst Tablet

16 The Lapis Tablet

17 The Turquoise Tablet

18 The Rose-Quartz Tablet

19 The River of Time

20 The Shaman's Vision

21 Arcane Liberation

22 Benediction

23 Words that Breathe

24 The Song of the Heart

28 Mother

29 The Symphony of Nature

31 The Palaces of Nature

32 Whispering Willow of Wonder

33 The Open Book of Life

35 Solar Gold Trancemutation

36 The West Wind

37 The Living Library of Life

38 A Fountain of Blessings

39 The Song of the Star

41 The Return of the Bard of the Sidhe

43 Radiant Dawn

44 The Voice of the Silence

45 Every Tree is the Tree of Life

46 Cosmic Fire

47 The Cosmic Wheel

48 Hazel

50 Vine

51 Ivy

53 Oak

55 Rowan

57 Hawthorn

59 Alder

60 Remember what you are

62 Three Trees

63 The Light that Casts the Darkness Out

69 Deep as a Sagely Ocean

71 The Tale of Life

73 Transcendental Life

74 Living with Trees

The Symphony Of Nature

And I looked out under a pale moon

Whose silver light danced shimmering

On the waters of my mind.

The crickets sang along, beating a rhythm to the tune.

The trees danced too,

Swaying their slender arms in the gentle breeze.

That breeze which was alive

With pregnant wonder and tender play,

Caressing my face with a translucent flutter.

And all nature played along in a great symphony,

An orchestra of delight sharing this moment with me.

As the wind whistled wonder in resonance,

The rhythm of the swaying trees

Waved in harmony with the song of the leaves.

Even the stillness moved.

And I knew the wind and the trees and the leaves were one

The whole mystic cacophony of nature sang a song of love

To the creator and sustainer,

The ever-living Spirit of Life and Love.

For it was love that drove them,

Spiralling to the light of the giving sun,

The moon and the stars of heaven.

And the Earth shone as a star in the light of the full moon.

For while the people dreamed,

Heaven reclaimed its daughter the Earth,

Whose elements played as one organism.

Synchronised by Spirit, led by Life, lifted by Love.

And I looked within, the trees were there,

And the heart of all nature sang and danced there too.

As within so without, as without so within.

It led me to myself, as I had been before birth,

A prayer from the heart of the cosmos.

The Palaces Of Nature

The blades of grass glisten in the sunlight
And dance with the freshening breeze,
Reaching out to embrace the sun,
Kissed by its loving warmth.
And a glimmer of blue hope stretches across the sky.
As the sun shines through the clouds
The shadow recedes from the landscape
And a smile stretches across the land.
The rains have already nourished and cleansed,
Dancing their blessings on the welcoming earth.
The sun now shines in majesty
And the earth reflects its light in glory.
This is that magic land of myth
Not all paradises were paved.
The kingdom of light reigns in the palaces of nature.

Whispering Willow of Wonder

Weeping willow by the water

Whisper your story to me

A song of love and peace

Here for all to see

Whispering Willow of Wonder

Swaying your blessings to me

Teach me your treasures of wisdom

You sing and you dance like the sea

Beautiful hair by the water

Green with the Mother’s grown love

Stir in me mystical union

With light of the Earth and above

Wonderful willow of wishes

Cleansing earth, water and wind

Muse of the mystical marriage

Of bard and of lover you’re kin

Adorning the ways of the water

Warm welcoming willow is found

Holding the light in the garden

Bringing deep peace with its sound


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Music by Ceili De

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